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Your Front Yard

Built in the late 1800's, Tumblin' Falls House commands a spectacular view of Shinglekill Falls,  one of  the many hidden gems located in the great northern Catskill Mountains. Overlooking the beautiful falls and creek as it carves its way down to the Hudson River Valley, this Victorian home once served, in its earlier years,  as a summer vacation resort and inn for many a city dweller seeking refuge in the clean air and cool waters of the Catskill region. More recently, TFH was a popular bed and breakfast Inn and destination wedding venue. Today you can experience the magic that is Tumblin' Falls House as your very own vacation rental.

5 Bedrooms    4 Bathrooms

Fully Equiped Kitchen

Cascading Deck

Hot Tub    BBQ Grill    Wifi

Beautiful Falls View!

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